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Hidden gem that I didn’t know about. Loved loved this place. But my favourite was the super fun music playlist! Worth mentioning because the funnest music I’ve heard at a gym. Small groups, super clean, well organized workouts, great trainers, friendly people. They have a very generous two week free trial so you should give it a shot. Wayyyyyyyyyyy better than a standard gym and they work your whole body. At the end they did a cool down in dim lighting with aroma therapy… ahhhhhh.

Chantel Brown

BPM is a friendly, non-intimidating environment. The BPM Team and members make you feel comfortable and encourage you to get the best workout, regardless of your fitness level. Their holistic approach to fitness and overall well-being is a breath of fresh air! The workouts are fun (a year ago I would never have put workout and fun in the same sentence) and very challenging. I definitely recommend BPM over any big chain gym!

Kristen Norwood

BPM is so much more than just a place to workout. The trainers are supportive and motivating and the community is awesome! You can tell that Colin, the owner, loves what he does because he’s dedicated to supporting his community to be their best both inside & outside of the gym

Krista Kankula

Great coaches,great community, great self care. The team at BPM keeps you motivated and accountable. I absolutely love their workouts, and highly recommend checking them out! Easy location to get to, with plenty of street parking. 🙂

Stephanie Macdonald

Colin, Chelsea & Christina are amazing. They have been so welcoming and supportive. I love their personal genuine approach to setting goals. Focusing more on deep beliefs and values. I would definitely recommend BPM Fitness.

Tara Clark

Love at first circuit. I would never consider myself a circuit workout type of person. But i am so glad i got the courage to try a class. Colin made me feel so comfortable. Non judgemental environment. Motivating, supportive and i will definitely be back!!

Michelle Elizabeth

I love the coaches first and foremost, the supportive community, the variations of workouts, the holistic approach to a healthier “us”, the resets are life-changing. I could go on and on.

Dinah R Ntambara

Definitely the community! The positivity and encouragement from the trainers and the positivity of the other BPMers is awesome.

Tudor Sorin

We love the corrections trainers provide on form and technique, also, we like the support we receive

Daniela Belmonte

I love the positive messaging, support, individualized attention and holistic approach.

Myra Johnston

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