More than just a group fitness class, our BPM FitCamp and StrengthCamp classes is individual coaching in a group setting.

We celebrate all bodies and all ability levels. We celebrate that what works for John won’t necessarily work for Kelly, and Tatiana will have different abilities than Jake. Even though each of us share 99.9% of the same genetic code.. that 0.1% is what makes you, you.

Our Group Fitness class celebrate everyone, and they’re for anyone. Got an injury? No problemo, we’ll teach you not to ignore it, we’ll coach you through it. Afraid of embarrassing yourself in front of everyone? That’s ok- Your coaches can empathize because we’ve been there before. We take great care in making sure you feel welcomed and like you belong- because you do.

Personal (Private) coaching:

Private coaching is really for anyone. We employ our BPM Method of coaching with all of our private clients. This means that you’ll be coached through exercises specifically designed for you- and it’s an excellent way to keep accountable to your fitness goals. We’ll also learn about you as we work together, and we’ll celebrate your autonomy by encouraging you to perform exercises that you find enjoyable and fun! In other words, we don’t just push our agenda on you- we want you to enjoy your coaching experience by having some control over it.


Private sessions and group classes

“BPM Yoga is about empowering each student in their body and mind. They are the authority over themselves and ultimately know what’s best for them.

We offer the safe space and trained guidance to explore what movements work for you in your yoga practice. We invite you to connect with your body’s innate wisdom, through observing sensation and what feels good for you!

BPM Yoga has a strong focus on bringing the body back into alignment and through a holistic practice. We begin, as a foundation, to gently guide students to listen to what they need at that moment. Developing a healthy, collaborative relationship with our body is an amazing way to build optimal health.

We all have different holding patterns from our life experiences, we all hold tension and stress differently in the body and mind, that is why nobody’s yoga practice looks the same.

When we can bring the body/mind back to the breath and alignment we’re support the road to optimal health.

Nutrition Coaching:

We align with Precision Nutrition- a world renown nutrition coaching organization that has helped over 100,000 people just like you get healthier, stronger, and happier. Our nutrition coaching methodology is rooted in behavioural science and habits. Together, we’ll come up with a plan just for you.

you can do it.
start today.

push your personal limits and build new skills.


testimonial happy clients

I love the endorphins that last the whole day! If I miss a day I miss the great feeling and energy I have, I love feeling strong!

Nellie Dekoker

Love the coaches, the workouts and the nutrition support. I also like how efficient the classes are – in and out in 45 min! The best:)

Leanna Zeyl

I love the positive messaging, support, individualized attention and holistic approach.

Myra Johnston

We love the corrections trainers provide on form and technique, also, we like the support we receive

Daniela Belmonte

Definitely the community! The positivity and encouragement from the trainers and the positivity of the other BPMers is awesome.

Tudor Sorin

I love the coaches first and foremost, the supportive community, the variations of workouts, the holistic approach to a healthier “us”, the resets are life-changing. I could go on and on.

Dinah R Ntambara