Why do we chant OM?

Why do we chant OM?

OM, we’ve all likely heard this sound at a yoga class at some point, what does it mean? Why do we chant?

What is OM?

OM – the ancient sound of peace and harmony. This sound has immeasurable benefits for the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Physical level – Realigns and “tunes up” the frequency of the body and can help clear toxins and disease.

Emotional level – Helps to process and move unexpressed emotions that are stuck in the physical body.

Spiritual level – OM can expand  our intuition, 3rd eye, and visionary skills, guiding us home to our true nature.

I’m never surprised when someone approaches me after class to share they’ve had an emotional release (tears) after chanting. It’s the cleansing effects of yoga! 

This doesn’t mean you are going to have a breakdown in class, it’s quite gentle and it doesn’t happen for everyone. You will only be presented with what you can handle.

How to chant OM?

Think of chanting like a tuning fork, tuning up and out the energy systems of the body. Brainwaves are altered by the sound of our own voice – it’s a healing frequency. The best chanting voice for you is your OWN!

Are you someone who might feel silly or really uncomfortable with chanting? Try humming or buzzing the sound if you are a bit shy. 

Others who may be more eager to try new things, go for it!  Try it now at home!  

If it’s a matter of not wanting to use the word OM for cultural differences, simply try HOME instead.

So, how do you practive OM? Really however you are comfortable!  I was taught the sound is more like AUM, meaning AHHHH-OMMMM.

As a result of chanting we become more grounded. I chant OM because it bring me peace and stillness, in a fast pace and stressful world.

Not to worry, it’s not about performing, it’s about healing.  Have you ever heard tibetan or buddhist monks chant? It’s not necessarily a beautiful sound, but it’s POWERFUL.

I invite you to give a try, open your mind and heart, feel the vibration and notice what unfolds.

Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash