How do I create more time?

How do I create more time?

Do you ever feel pressure to workout, focus on getting healthy and strong, but you have no idea where you are going to find the time?!  Maybe you already feel pulled in a million directions, and it feels insurmountable to add anything extra.  

The truth is, it is unrealistic to create more time when you already have a packed schedule.

That can literally be a recipe for “unsuccess”.

‘Time’ to focus on our health doesn’t magically appear, or get gifted to you.  If time happens to magically appear, it usually comes in the form of a forced break, (illness, break-down or burn out).

Do we have to let it get that far before we make time for our wellness?

Think about a time when you’ve been really sick, like bed bound, can’t attend to anything but your recovery.  

In those moments nothing matters more than getting well – and all the little “stuff” we consider important when we’re healthy, tends to seem less critical now. We may negotiate all kinds of deals with our sickness, “get me better and I promise to take better care of myself”, however when we’re feeling better, we tend to forget and loop right back into our regular routine, our habits.

I’ve learned this cycle through my own experience. And I’m so grateful for what I learned, however I don’t believe it has to be that extreme for everyone.

HOW to create more time and space to take GOOD care of ourselves?


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XO Chelsea