Avoid the Holiday Food Overload

Avoid the Holiday Food Overload

5 Simple Tricks for a Healthier Holiday Season

  1. Half Veg First. Start your plate off with ½ filled of veggies and then add your other sides. 
  2. Portion Conscious. Still eat what you love, in smaller quantities. Think your palm size.
  3. Water! Drink a big glass of filtered water 1 hour before dinner. This helps with digestion and over eating.
  4. Alcohol. This is a biggie. Simply put, the human body wasn’t designed to drink or process alcohol. If you choose to drink, drink in moderation. Eat something before adding alcohol to your system; drinking on an empty stomach can drastically affect blood sugar balances and more. Also choose organic options, it’s worth the couple extra bucks, and you’ll notice the difference the next day! Finally, try to eat proteins and fats when consuming (cheese, nuts, meat.)
  5. Having Seconds? If you feel the need to go back for seconds, as we all do, give yourself 10 mins before heading back to the buffet table.
  6. BONUS! Chew your food. Be conscious of how you chew your food. Are you wolfing it down in whole bites? Digestion starts in the mouth, so chew your food until it fully breaks down. Doing this will support digestion (no bloat!) and satisfy your hunger sooner – avoiding overeating!

You can even play a game with the folks at your table: See who can finish their meal last!

It’s not about falling off track, it’s about deciding to get back on it!

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Prepare before and after: 
The day before the big feast, eat on the lighter side, smoothies, lots of fresh veggies/salads. Give your body good nutrients. This also helps with cravings.

For the day after: prep yourself some food ahead of time.  You may have left overs, and those can be just as good or even better than the night before, however if you don’t want to double up that meal, use the turkey on a nice salad OR freeze everything for another dinner.  That will be a real treat to pull out in a few weeks, a ready made Holiday meal!

Most people fear falling off track around Holidays, and sure that can happen, but we can also take small steps to making things just a little healthier. 

We don’t want to use damaging restrictions and rigid cut offs, rather adjustments and supports put in place to keep your wellness plan consistent with all the effort you’ve been putting in.  It’s ok to fall off track and it’s ok to not! Choose the best options for you this holiday. And remember, if you “fall” off track, you can always get back on!