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We aim to give you the best fitness experience of your life.

We are a collaborative force in cultivating a culture in fitness that encourages people to celebrate their bodies and reject body shaming, disrespect and harmful thoughts. The truth is, it's OK to want to lose weight and get stronger. It's OK to want to live a healthier and happier life. It doesn't mean that you don't love your body- we will help you feel better about yourself, boost your confidence, lose weight, get stronger, AND teach you how to do it holistically, sustainably and in body-positive way.

We believe that Fitness and Yoga is for anyone, and can be done by everyone.

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testimonial happy clients

I love the endorphins that last the whole day! If I miss a day I miss the great feeling and energy I have, I love feeling strong!

Nellie Dekoker

Love the coaches, the workouts and the nutrition support. I also like how efficient the classes are – in and out in 45 min! The best:)

Leanna Zeyl

I love the positive messaging, support, individualized attention and holistic approach.

Myra Johnston

We love the corrections trainers provide on form and technique, also, we like the support we receive

Daniela Belmonte

Definitely the community! The positivity and encouragement from the trainers and the positivity of the other BPMers is awesome.

Tudor Sorin

I love the coaches first and foremost, the supportive community, the variations of workouts, the holistic approach to a healthier “us”, the resets are life-changing. I could go on and on.

Dinah R Ntambara